Belizean Breakfast

A classic Belizean breakfast involves blended beans, fry jack or johnny cakes, fruit, eggs scrambled or any style, and of course, coffee and juice.  A true breakfast to eat before sweating like a champion! … or just to have a wonderful weekend breakfast!

Our recommended classic Belizean breakfast plate:  🙂


Start with your beans.  I often use stewed beans that I made earlier in the week.  Throw those beans in a blender, or use an immersion blender right in your pot on the stove.  Allow the beans to simmer until they are thick enough to coat a spoon.

Fry Jacks or Johnny Cakes:

Use our favorite recipe for Fry Jacks or Johnny Cakes.  Fry Jacks will be a little quicker if you are in a rush.  Both go really well with honey!

Eggs any style:

While your beans are simmering away and your Fry Jacks frying or your Johnny Cakes baking, cook your eggs your favorite way!

Plate and Serve:

Serve your refried beans, Fry Jacks/Johnny Cakes, and eggs with a little soft cheese, honey, fruit, juice and coffee. Enjoy!!


Belizean Black Beans

Fry Jack dough

Fry Jacks

Belizean Breakfast

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