Fried Plantain

There is a reason my 2-year-old nephew calls fried plantain COOKIES!!!

An irresistibly delicious side that is on almost any classic Belizean plate. It almost feels like cheating that Fried Plantains aren’t considered a dessert… I agree with my nephew!

Fried Plantain

Prep Time: 15 mins
Cook Time: 30 mins
Yields: 20-24 pieces


  • 1/2" deep vegetable oil - in heavy pan
  • 2 plantains (minimum... they will be eaten FAST!)


  1. Heat 1/2" oil in heavy pan - cast iron, or other.
  2. Slice plantains diagonally in long slices.
  3. When oil is hot, carefully place each plantain piece in the oil with tongs. The plantain should sizzle if oil is hot enough. Plantain should take about 5 minutes per side.

Pro Tips

Plantains should be almost completely black, (and even squishy!) for the best fried plantains ever!


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