Orange with chile molido and salt

A classic street food. What could taste more refreshing on a hot day than a freshly peeled orange with all the toppings?

The sweetness of an orange with the punch of salt and chile. Perfect flavor balance of all worlds.

Photo on the left: mouth-watering peeled orange with toppings.
Photo on the right: An example of how nothing goes to waste in Belize! The peels of these oranges are being dried. Later, they will be burned in coffee cans in the evening to keep mosquitoes away!

Peeled Oranges

Prep Time: 15 mins
Cook Time: --
Yields: 4 orange halves


  • 2 - oranges
  • salt to taste
  • chile molido to taste


  1. Peel oranges with a peeler or pearing knife, peeling around and around the orange.
  2. Cut oranges in half and sprinkle salt and chile molido to taste.
  3. Find a seat with some sea breeze, and enjoy.

Pro Tips

Grab a napkin...!


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