A note from our editors:

We love food… we love Belizean food… and we want to share it with you!  Belizean food in particular is distinctive; from the melding of rich cultural food traditions, and the simple abundance of a tropical climate full of unique fruit, fish, and spices.

Our editors have differing amateur culinary experience that (we hope!) brings more depth and interest to our posts.  Recently, we have started including more information for people who want to cook Belizean food outside Belize, and people who want to find substitutes to make recipes lactose-free, etc.

We welcome comments that you might have, and ask that you please comment on how our recipes work for you.

Thank you, and happy cooking!


our editors:

chicapost is married to a Belizean!  She loved Belizean food the second she was first introduced to it.  She likes making additions or modifications to recipes figuring out ways to make them a little healthier, lactose-free, or just use ingredients she has available to her in Chicago.  Her favorite go-to Belizean foods are Coconut Tarts, Carmel Cake, Garnaches, and all delicious Belizean fruits.
belizenewspost has loved cooking and eating Belizean food his whole life.  He is constantly trying to learn new tips and tricks from his mother and grandmother who know many culinary secrets.  He has a hard time picking a favorite Belizean food, but when pressed he will admit: Garnaches and BBQ Chicken.

chiclepost Has been cooking and eating Belizean food for most of his life.  His favorite part of Belizean food and cooking is sharing food, and family dinners. Favorite food? Tamales and Escabeche no hesitation there!